More bad news for Mark the Cruster

Poor Mark.  When he opened his Church one block up the street from our Monestary, he thought he was being really smart and would receive the thytings of our members.

Nope.  Nobody stops in to visit the Cruster.

And, then, Armageddon in Mark’s world when Cash for Gold opened up next door.  How can a Cruster rob people when cash for gold is next door?  He can’t.

But, now the best insult to the cruster’s continued existence in this world has occurred.

The Cruster’s store is right behind a train track.  And near an intersection that goes across the train tracks.    Well, the Department of Transportation has approved creating an underpass at that intersection so that traffic can go under the train tracks.  This is because this train line has alot of freight trains that tie up traffic.

The project was approved last month.  And get ready for it.

They are going to tear down the cruster’s building.

DESTROYED.  Bull dozed to make way for an entry ramp to the underpass.

Poor Mark.  He doesn’t own the building. He has a lease.  So while the landlord may receive some compensati0n fon the eminient domain grabbing of his building, Mark is going to be left with NOTHING.  Zip.  NIL.  Bupkiss.

I can’t wait until he learns of this project and the demise of his business.  It will be GLORIOUS!

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