A missing Cruster, leaving a THIEF in charge and the falling price of gold!

There are musical chair at the Cruter’s church. Mark the Cruster has been missing. When Mark is not around, Gay Boy Nick the THIEF runs the store. It’s no wonder that Mark has no cash, since Nick steals when there alone.

A customer walked in and related an interesting Cruster story to us that I will share. He walked into the Cruster’s store with $800+ of gold. Mark looks at it, tests it, and says to the guy, I will pay you $10 bucks for the gold. Thats right. TEN DOLLARS. He said, “I can only pay $10 bucks because the price of gold DROPPED this week.”.

Gold prices did NOT drop to less then nothing. They go up and down a bit, but, nothing like the Cruster was saying.

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