Another Episode of Cruster Math and Bankrupcy

Every so often we have to look at the Cruster’s ebay listings to see another fine example of Cruster Math.

Mark sold a pendent on ebay.

5.1 g of 14kt gold

and 1.33 ct of diamonds

5.1 grams of gold into the melters pot goes for $98.06 at todays prices.

Mark sold the piece of jewelery for $152.49

That means that Mark being a RETARDED idiot who will be out of business soon, SOLD 1.33 ct of diamonds for about $50 bucks. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND sells 1.33 ct of diamonds for $50 bucks. I’ll tell you who. A THIEF like the Cruster and GAY BOY NICK who STOLE the merchandise.

Mark is an idiot. If he had half a brain he would have figured out a way to sell the piece of jewelry for the $400 bucks it was worth.


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