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More madness from Mark the Cruster and Nickie

Monday, January 25th, 2010

I suppose that those of you who read this blog may think that I make this stuff up. But, that is absolutely not the case. These are the real stories of Mark the Cruster and Nickie the Ghey Male Whore.

The latest madness at Mark’s store happened yesterday. A big burly dude walked into the store, and Nickie walked out there to talk with the guy. The next thing you know, Nickie, who MUST have seen that Andy Dick was arrested for groping a guy, walks up to the dude, grabs his crotch, and attempts to make out with him. Nickie must have been strung out on drugs when he groped and tried to make out with a truck driver looking dude.

The dude screamed WTF, and immediately bitch slapped nickie across the face. Nick fell to the floor like a bitch, and the guy leaned down and punched nickie in the nose. The punch broke nickie’s nose and gave him a mean looking shiner.

Next Mark the Cruster runs out of the office and screams, “I’ll scratch your eyes out bitch”, and attempts to attack the guy. The guy immediately bitch slaps mark, who flakes, crusts and falls to the floor in a flaking cloudy heap.

The guy then leaves the store with both Mark and Nick crying like little bitches on the floor.


This is very good practice for both Mark and Nickie. When they are in jail shortly, bubba their cell mate will routinely bitch slap them. They might as well get used to it.


Stolen Jewelry, worthless diamonds and another case of Cruster Math

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

When we last left off with Mark and Nick waiting for Armageddon to rain down on their pathetic little world, I would like to talk about stolen jewelry, diamonds and another lesson in Cruster Math.

Mark the Cruster never graduated from High School. He dropped out of High School as a Sophmore, and worked at the pawn shop his brother owns, sitting in the fron of the store behind a display case, pretending to read the paper by looking at the pictures, since he can’t read very well, and then, when the other owner wanted coffee, donuts, lunch, smokes, or anything else, Mark the Crusting Biatch would run the errand, return with the items, and then sit back down behind the couter and pretend to read the paper some more. Mark sat in the same smelly chair pretending to read the newspaper for TEN YEARS wearing that same greasy baseaball cap. Mark doesn’t bathe regularly so that chair was ripe with CRUST. yuk.

Well, diamonds have value. Everybody knows that. When you go into the Mall Jewelry store, diamonds are VERY expensive. The Rapport Report puts out a price guide ever week on the cost per ct. of diamonds by size.

But, Mark and Nick STOLE $29,000 worth of jewelry from the Holy Goat. But, y0u can’t really have a bunch of stolen rings sitting around. So mark and nick took the beautiful trays of jewelry, stripped out the diamonds, and sold off the gold to a guy who melts it down. The street value for the jewelry was about $49,000 before mark and nick stripped out all the diamonds, and got their paultry $22,000 in cash for the gold. Nick gave Mark the money to pay his bills since his buiness does no busienss but, that will only work for so long.

In the meantime, Mark took 11 ct. of diamonds that he stripped from jewelry he stipped and SOLD it on ebay. In the Jewelry, thoses diamonds were worth tens of thousands of dollars. But, we have to go back to Cruster Math.

Take $10,000 of diamonds, strip them out of jewelry to an 11 ct. bag, and sell the 11 ct. bag of precious diamonds on ebay for $22 per ct. Yes TWENTY-TWO dollars a ct. If it wasn’t so sick and pathetic, it would be too funny.

Its only a matter of time. Mark the Cruster will get his, as armegeddon approachs, and nick, well, he will very soon be explaining to bubba in his cell, his expoits as Nick as on all fours, nekkid, wearin a dog collar and sniffing a black leather glove.

OMG. TOO fun.

What could be more GAY then a greased naked Nickie on all fours?

Monday, January 18th, 2010

A greased naked nickie…on all fours…wth a dog collar around his neck…and a leash……and a man’s arm extended out up to him holding on to the leash and pushing a black glove in his face to sniff it.

Thats right… Nickie will sniff the leather glove.

I ask you this brothers and sisters. What straight person allow himself to be greased like a pig, on all fours, wearing a dog collar and sniffing a leather glove? NO! This is the proof that Nickie is a Ghey Boy, and Mark the Cruster his Gimp.

Nick has asked us to link to his new web site. On this web site, you can purchase a subscription to see pictures of nick trussed up like a turkey, on all fours wearing a dog collar and sniffing a black leather glove, and hundreds of other pictures. All of them demonstrating nick taking his gheyness to a new level.

And the web site will have special pictures of both Mark the Cruster and Nick the ghey boy doing 1) evil and 2) naughty things.

A portion any payments to the gay boy nick web site will be used to send postcards to Nick in Jail where he will be shortly. On the web site you can buy framed pictures of Nick and Post Cards of Nick greased naked on all fours wearing a dog collar sniffing a glove.

I ask you this Senator… Would a straight guy let himself be greased up and photographed nekkid on all fours wearing a dog collar sniffing a black leather glove… I think not!

Gay Boy Nick greased up naked wearing dog collar and sniffing a black leather glove


Sunday, January 17th, 2010


Hmmm, it seems that Mr. King would have even been insulted by this crusting fools selection of Timmy Diamonds and Crustacean Friendly Fodder!

Our quest to get Nickie the ghey whore to STFU

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

We tried and tried many different ways to get Nickie to STFU. He was always very yappy. And Nickie has a very high pitched voice. More proof that he is a homo.

This worked very well. Nick likes having Junk stuffed in his mouth.

Nickie the ball gagged homo with a whip

Lets Vote. Is Nickie a Homo? You tell me!

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Only a HOMO takes pictures hog tied like a bitch!

Only a GHEY HOMO like Nick would allow himself to be photographed hog tied like a bitch.

Look at this picture. This is the only thing that EVER kept Nickie Quiet.

I ask you this. Is Nickie A HOMO? Lets vote!

Get ThisSurvey

At least Nickie can’t be YAPPY when trussed up

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

The only way to get Nickie the ghey little bitch TO STFU

Mark the Cruster is MISSING!

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Very Strange. Mark the Cruster’s store was closed on Thursday. Nobody was there. The sign said open, but, the lights were out and the Cruster was no place to be seen.

Next Mark was missing on Friday and Saturday. Nick the thieving ghey whore has been at the store alone on Friday and Saturday.

We believe that Mark is TOO SCARED to be at his store because the police are looking for him.

Don’t worry Markie. This is the week that you will be introduced to Armagedon.

I’m facinated that Mark the Cruster leaves Nickie the Ghey Whore Thief alone at the store to run it, but, the hedious crusting illness affecting mark is rotting his brain.

Don’t forget, Mark the Cruster now has his own web site

Nick the Ghey little BITCH. LOL.

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

This is SO funny.

We had a minion of the Church of Timmy walk into the Crusters store to sell some gold.

Never mind that we tested it first at 14kt Gold. Mark the Cruster LIED to our minion and said it was only 10KT gold. Mark. That was 14 KT gold. DO YOU RIP OFF THE REST OF YOUR CUSTOMERS?

Nice business Mark. RIP off people that walk into your store. That will work WELL for you when Cash for Gold opens right new door to your store. But, thats not the point.

Nick the GHEY BITCH recogized the Minion from our Church of Timmy. And he recognized that our Minion had his car parked outside of our Holy Monestary.

But, did NICK have the BALLS to be a man and say this to our minions face?


Nick ran out of the store, called Mark the Cruster from his cell phone, and our Minion heard Nick screaming like a little bitch on the phone. He works for TIMMY. That guy still works for Timmy. DONT buy his gold.


Its amazing that nick doesn’t have the balls to talk to somebody’s face. Instead, he goes out and uses his cell phone to scream like a bitch.

Well, Crusto will be out of business soon, with Nick and Crusty both being in jail.

UPDATED: More proof that Mark is an IDIOT. I gave my minion the WRONG piece of gold to take over to Mark. That WAS 14KT gold, with a full melt price of $204 bucks. Mark LIED and said it was 10KT, and could have grabbed it for $80 bucks, but, we at the Church of Timmy scrare the HECK out of Markie the Cruster and NICK the Retard. LOL.


Mark the Cruster, 2010, and going to jail and out of business

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Poor Mark. Every day Crusty goes to work at his Church, he sees the Devine billboard of Timmy right across the street.

He thinks that since he has not been shut down yet and arrested that its not going to happen.

Silly Cruster. The wheels of justice are slow around the holiday season, since you evil deeds are not considered a violent crime. But, once cops get a sniff of illegal activity, they will persue it until you are shut down.

I would be suprised if law enforcement has not visited you before the middle of January.

We shall see. I’ll be right here blogging about it.