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Nick and Mark are both idiots and devoid of cash

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Mark has no business . His store is always empty. He reports doing virtually no legal business. Fencing merchandise from the Holy Goat will only go so far, because that will get the Cruster shut down.

Nick on the other hand, appeared to have a good gig. He was hustling jewelry and making thousands of dollars a week doing it. But, then he stole $29K worth of Jewelry and then the police report that he went to a Titty Bar with a buddy and spent $5000.00!!! Damn! You could get blown every day for a year for that kind of money! $4000.00 in ill gotten cash from the fencing of jewelry he stole and that the cruster is hocking for him but then, it’s reported that Nick is 49% owner of the church! That alone is gonna make for an interesting discussion when the Judge imposes sentence on both of them!

After spending the $4000.00 he still owed approx. $1000.00 more!!! So, he did what any Ghey Whore would do…He charged it on a Stolen Credit Card!! Yes, the Ole’ American Express! Membership has it’s privledges and it’s obvious they mean the local Whore/Titty bars in Wisconsin as well! If I was Mark and Nick, I would pay special attention to Jan 7th. 2010! That and the few following days will be etched into your minds for the rest of your lives. I assure you that you will never forget January 2010 for as long as you both shall live!

Merry Christmas from Mark the Cruster

Thursday, December 24th, 2009
Mark the Evil Cruster

Mark the Evil Cruster

Merry Christmas Mark the Retarded Cruster & Ghey boy nick

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

The Church of Timmy would like to wish Markie and Nickie a very Merry Christmas, even though both are 1) athiests 2) ghey 3) retarded 4) evil and 5) going out of business.

I couldn’t help but notice yesterday that Mark had NO BUSINESS every time I drove past his church, while our Church of Timmy was bustling with activity.

And when the cops stopped by to wish us a Merry Xmas, we both wondered how you could be staying in business with no business, paying $1800 a month in rent, and owing the village $30,000 for the sprinkler system you needed to have in your place before getting an occupancy permit.

I wonder if you had to sign for that $30K personally? Its going to take you and nick your partner a long time to pay back that $30K.

Its really sick when the cops wonder how you make enough money to stay open Markie. Maybe the stolen loot from your partner Nickie pays the bills?

I bet Kimberly will be very interested to learn that you have a convicted partner as a Felon.

Merry Christmas Crusto!

Better yet, the Cruster should Carridine Himself

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Thinking more about it, Mark should go to Home Depot up the street, get a nice rope, and bring it back to his store.

Then, he should have Nick put him on a chair, tie him up with the ropes, like a thanksgiving turkey, including a noose around his neck, and then have nick kick the chair out.

Of course he would need to have his hand crazy glued to his crusty pecker all the while the music playing the song “Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting” at 115 Decibels is blasting through a pair of 190″ Stadium Cervin Vega Speakers with enough air movement to knock the crust off his eye lids and take his eye lashes with them!

Thinking further about it… Why Not? Crusty has his hands down his pants 3 out of every 5 minutes he’s awake anyway so maybe it’s time to make it at the least entertaining!?!?

THAT would make a Well Hung Cruster!

Then Nickie could hang himself.

When the cops find them both hanging and dead in the back of their store, it will be on TV and we will all have a good laugh.

Either way, this is a better end for the Cruster then the pain of detox he will go through when he is in jail and they cut off his illegal drug supply!

This is going to be a fun few weeks to watch the Cruster and Ghey Boy Nickie.

A distraught neurotic cruster

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Mark the Cruster called a frield today screaming…

“HOW do they know everything about me” he screamed…

They keep posting about my life! I can’t take it!

Well Crusto… everybody you know calls us right after you call them, and tell us of your agony.

I recommend that you leave town fast, and take your boy ward Nickie the Ghey homo with you….

This is your last chance to get out.

Heed my warning.

This just in… Mark is crusting this morning…

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Mark is having a major anxiety attack this morning.

He is crusting like a Potato Chip!

I doubt he will be at his store today.


Nick’s HOMO father, the Legal Pad, Non Cash, and #WHORES!

Monday, December 21st, 2009

When the Holy Goat called Nickie’s house to explain to Nicks HOMO father that Nick was a thief, his DADDY rushed over to the Holy Goat with a legal pad.

On the legal pad, Nickie’s daddy had written all manor of excuses from his son Nick the GHEY whore where all the Jewelry went.

The only problem with this story is that Nick told his dad BULLshat. Period. At its most basic level, the Holy Goat gave Nickie 50 rings, and Nickie returned none of them. Period. They werent over at Tom’s, Dicks, Or Harry’s.

Then, the Holy Goat asks Nickie’s GHEY daddy, why did your fucked up son charge $900 bucks on the Holy Goats American Express paying for WHORES at a strip club just over the border.

Nickie’s Homo Daddy stutters… “uh… I didn’t know he did that”

DIDN’T KNOW HE DID THAT? Sweet JESUS. You son Nickie is 1) ghey 2) a whore himself 3) retarded 4) delusional and 5) just a plain fucking idiot.

When Nickie stole $5000 worth of stuff from the Church of Timmy and sold it on ebay, we told Nickie’s daddy. DID he BELIEVE us? NO!

When Nickie was FIRED from the Health Suppliment place for STEALING and you learned about it, did you believe them? NO!

When Nickie stole game stop gift cards from the Church of Timmy for about $850, and we called Nick to the Church and were about to call the police, when poor little ghey nick started balling his eyes out in my office like the little bitch that heis, did Nick’s daddy believe us? NO!

The Holy Goat asks Nickies HOMO daddy if HE will make restitution for Nickie being a whoring fool? NO! Nickie’s ghey daddy says, “I don’t have any money!”

GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY STORE the holy goat says, And Nickie’s HOMO daddy ran out of the store little a little bitch. At least we learned where Nick gets his running like a little bitch experience.

When I was growing up, I was taught to be a man. Not a bitch. Apparently Nick was TOO SICK to show up with his daddy and discuss the stolen Jewelry. Too sick my ass. He didn’t have the balls to face the nice guy who tried to help him out.

Everybody has tried to help nick. We learned the hard way when he STOLE $5K of our stuff. And we posted about it. I guess Nick is just a retarded Devil.

Here’s another funny part of this. Nobody would have known that Nick spent $4K CASH for #whores at the strip club in wisconsin, EXCEPT, that he charged the extra $900 on the AMEX card. When the club was called abouut the $900 charge, they spilled the beans on the $4000 in cash Nickie spent. $4900K at a dive strip club sure buys alot of skank.

SO, the club now gets a charge back for $900 bucks, and Nickie will not be able to show his face at the club again because the manager is PISSED.

And AMEX does not take kindly to people stealing americacn express cards and running up charges. THEY are going to press charges against NICKIE too.

Either way, Nick should be in arrested and in jail shortly. And as far as bond goes, as Nickie’s HOMO daddy said, I HAVE NO MONEY. And that includes bail money. LOL.

Nickie is going to have nice xmas, being kept warm by Bubby his Cell mate. LOL.



Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Monday will be a very interesting day for the Cruster. The POLICE on Monday in the town where the Cruster has his store are going to be told that Mark the Cruster is 1) a thief and 2) a Fence and 3) broke all sorts of fencing stolen merchandise laws.

Cops and detectives move slowly. Even though the cops learn that Mark has been a NAUGHTY cruster, it might take them a few days to check with the other police department as well as the states attorney’s office to figure out just how 1) evil and 2) stupid and 3) how NAUGHTY the cruster has been.

Its only a matter of time bofore Mark & Nick will be in jail. As we enter this 4th week of advent this week, the Cruster and ghey boy nick may celebrate the birth of our Savior Timmy in JAIL!

The Cruster and the 1.01 ct diamond that Nick Stole!

Friday, December 18th, 2009

The cops are closing in on Mark the Cruster.

Nick and Mark are partners. Nick stole $29K of Jewelry from the Holy Goat. Mark the Cruster was fencing the stolen jewelryu at his store.

JW called up the Cruster and asked if he got any Jewelry from Nickie. Get this. Mark ADMITS that Nickie gave Markie a 1.01 ct diamond that Nick said he got from an estate. Right. Nick stole the diamond from JW. And Mark ADMITTED that he had it. In fact, he gave it back to the Holy Goat.

Now, possessing STOLEN merchadise is against the law Markie. Thats right. The cops are on to you. And should be arriving shortly to discuss why you had stolen merchandise in your store.

All you can do is 1) admit that your partners with Nicke and you had the stolen merchandise or 2) drop a dime on Nickie so he gets arrested.

Either way Markie; your screwed. You know that when they put you in a cell in the Jail with big Black Bubba, they won’t let you wear your greasy baseball cap, and Bubba is gonna rub your bald head.

And as for Nickie, well, he got a perty mouth.

<queue the banjo music from deliverance>

Mark fenced stolen merchandise from Nick. The Cuffs are coming.

Friday, December 18th, 2009

The cops are on to Nick and Mark. The problem for Nick is that eBay keeps records of EVERYTHING that he sold online. Including the pictures. So while they didn’t use Mark’s regular account, they found the account that those two idiots used for ALL of the stolen merchandise.

Did Mark and Nick think they would not get caught?

Mark and Nickie are partners. Sexual and Business. And Mark selling the stolen merchandise from the Holy Goat is going to get mark out of business even faster then the impending bankrupcy.

It’s very strange that Mark would steal from JW. I understand Nick being a ghey retard, but why would the Cruster get involved.

Both Mark and Nick will be arrested soon. This should be interesting.