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Oh where, oh where is the Ghey Boy Nickie

Monday, August 31st, 2009

The Cruster has a new problem at his Church. Nickie the Homo boy has been missing for the last few weeks. Every good church knows that you MUST have an associate priest in the church at all times. Its a safety issue. Without an alarm system, and no cameras at his church, the Cruster is just asking for trouble.

Pastor Mark the Cruster has been observed, sitting at his desk in the back of the Church behind the window, with his feet up, and not a care in the world. How he could have no cares having NO parishioners tithing to pay his rent is beyond me, but, with all the drugs that the Cruster takes, its not suprising that he has no cares.

But, back to the topic at land. Where is Ghey Boy Nickie? Why is he missing? Has he gone back to JW The Holy Goat? Is he devoting more time to be a man whore?

Who knows.

All we know is that time is running out for the Cruster. The doors to his church have closed, yet he is too stupid to know it.

The tail of the Cruster, Jewelry being PULLED, and bankrupcy nearing.

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Our story continues with Mark the Cruster… a lunatic who decided to open a new church only 1 block from our Monestary and Church of Timmy.

Mark the Cruster decided to augment his collections by listing Jewelry on eBay from JW the Holy Goat with the face of a man. The Cruster had the Holy Goat take pictures of all of thew Jewelry and it was quickly listed on eBay.

Suprise, Suprise, that in a down ecconomy, the Jewelry was NOT flying off ebay. In fact, very little of it sold.

After a few days, the Holy Goat entered Mark the Crusters church, and said, PAY me for the Jewelry. Mark the Cruster said to the Holy Goat, “I have to pay my $1800 a month rent, and I’m not making any money, so I can’t pay for your jewelry.” The Holy Goat went bananas and grabbed all of his Jewelry, running out of Mark’s church, forcing the cruster to take all of the Jewelry off ebay.

With no members of his church, and no tithings in list collection plate, and an $1800 dollar a month rent payment, bankrupcy is looming for the Cruster.

Armegeddon KIKI! Save me!

Ministers gone WILD!

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

One of our Ministers, Marc Cokstain went crazy and left our monestary. Why he did this with Tithing being up, and the WORD of Timmy spreading made no sense, but, I guess we all can not be disciples of TIMMY!

Next thing I know, the Cokker and his wife Bidet show up uninvited and attempt to storm the Sacristy. I have captured on video the Cokker and his Bidet wrestling and screaming at the entrance to the Sacristy and contemplate putting this on youtube to go viral.

Please leave your comments if you would like to see the video.

Paying $6500 for an $1800 box sign

Friday, August 7th, 2009

We knew that Mark the Cruster was not very bright, and this is another example of his stupidity, in service to our Lord and Savior Timmy.

Mark puchased a very SMALL box sign with back lighting proclaiming the Glory of Timmy. The sign says:

The Grace and Peace of TIMMY be with us all!

I like the message. It is Holy and Glorious!

But, the going rate for a back lite sign is about $1800 installed. The Crustor purchased a used back lite sign for $6500 cash. He must be getting HIGH tything in his collection plate to purchase that sign.

Blessed be Timmy who will lead us to Salvation!