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More madness from Mark the Cruster and Nickie

Monday, January 25th, 2010

I suppose that those of you who read this blog may think that I make this stuff up. But, that is absolutely not the case. These are the real stories of Mark the Cruster and Nickie the Ghey Male Whore.

The latest madness at Mark’s store happened yesterday. A big burly dude walked into the store, and Nickie walked out there to talk with the guy. The next thing you know, Nickie, who MUST have seen that Andy Dick was arrested for groping a guy, walks up to the dude, grabs his crotch, and attempts to make out with him. Nickie must have been strung out on drugs when he groped and tried to make out with a truck driver looking dude.

The dude screamed WTF, and immediately bitch slapped nickie across the face. Nick fell to the floor like a bitch, and the guy leaned down and punched nickie in the nose. The punch broke nickie’s nose and gave him a mean looking shiner.

Next Mark the Cruster runs out of the office and screams, “I’ll scratch your eyes out bitch”, and attempts to attack the guy. The guy immediately bitch slaps mark, who flakes, crusts and falls to the floor in a flaking cloudy heap.

The guy then leaves the store with both Mark and Nick crying like little bitches on the floor.


This is very good practice for both Mark and Nickie. When they are in jail shortly, bubba their cell mate will routinely bitch slap them. They might as well get used to it.



Sunday, January 17th, 2010


Hmmm, it seems that Mr. King would have even been insulted by this crusting fools selection of Timmy Diamonds and Crustacean Friendly Fodder!

Nick the Ghey little BITCH. LOL.

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

This is SO funny.

We had a minion of the Church of Timmy walk into the Crusters store to sell some gold.

Never mind that we tested it first at 14kt Gold. Mark the Cruster LIED to our minion and said it was only 10KT gold. Mark. That was 14 KT gold. DO YOU RIP OFF THE REST OF YOUR CUSTOMERS?

Nice business Mark. RIP off people that walk into your store. That will work WELL for you when Cash for Gold opens right new door to your store. But, thats not the point.

Nick the GHEY BITCH recogized the Minion from our Church of Timmy. And he recognized that our Minion had his car parked outside of our Holy Monestary.

But, did NICK have the BALLS to be a man and say this to our minions face?


Nick ran out of the store, called Mark the Cruster from his cell phone, and our Minion heard Nick screaming like a little bitch on the phone. He works for TIMMY. That guy still works for Timmy. DONT buy his gold.


Its amazing that nick doesn’t have the balls to talk to somebody’s face. Instead, he goes out and uses his cell phone to scream like a bitch.

Well, Crusto will be out of business soon, with Nick and Crusty both being in jail.

UPDATED: More proof that Mark is an IDIOT. I gave my minion the WRONG piece of gold to take over to Mark. That WAS 14KT gold, with a full melt price of $204 bucks. Mark LIED and said it was 10KT, and could have grabbed it for $80 bucks, but, we at the Church of Timmy scrare the HECK out of Markie the Cruster and NICK the Retard. LOL.


Mark the Cruster, 2010, and going to jail and out of business

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Poor Mark. Every day Crusty goes to work at his Church, he sees the Devine billboard of Timmy right across the street.

He thinks that since he has not been shut down yet and arrested that its not going to happen.

Silly Cruster. The wheels of justice are slow around the holiday season, since you evil deeds are not considered a violent crime. But, once cops get a sniff of illegal activity, they will persue it until you are shut down.

I would be suprised if law enforcement has not visited you before the middle of January.

We shall see. I’ll be right here blogging about it.

Nick and Mark are both idiots and devoid of cash

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Mark has no business . His store is always empty. He reports doing virtually no legal business. Fencing merchandise from the Holy Goat will only go so far, because that will get the Cruster shut down.

Nick on the other hand, appeared to have a good gig. He was hustling jewelry and making thousands of dollars a week doing it. But, then he stole $29K worth of Jewelry and then the police report that he went to a Titty Bar with a buddy and spent $5000.00!!! Damn! You could get blown every day for a year for that kind of money! $4000.00 in ill gotten cash from the fencing of jewelry he stole and that the cruster is hocking for him but then, it’s reported that Nick is 49% owner of the church! That alone is gonna make for an interesting discussion when the Judge imposes sentence on both of them!

After spending the $4000.00 he still owed approx. $1000.00 more!!! So, he did what any Ghey Whore would do…He charged it on a Stolen Credit Card!! Yes, the Ole’ American Express! Membership has it’s privledges and it’s obvious they mean the local Whore/Titty bars in Wisconsin as well! If I was Mark and Nick, I would pay special attention to Jan 7th. 2010! That and the few following days will be etched into your minds for the rest of your lives. I assure you that you will never forget January 2010 for as long as you both shall live!

The Cruster and the 1.01 ct diamond that Nick Stole!

Friday, December 18th, 2009

The cops are closing in on Mark the Cruster.

Nick and Mark are partners. Nick stole $29K of Jewelry from the Holy Goat. Mark the Cruster was fencing the stolen jewelryu at his store.

JW called up the Cruster and asked if he got any Jewelry from Nickie. Get this. Mark ADMITS that Nickie gave Markie a 1.01 ct diamond that Nick said he got from an estate. Right. Nick stole the diamond from JW. And Mark ADMITTED that he had it. In fact, he gave it back to the Holy Goat.

Now, possessing STOLEN merchadise is against the law Markie. Thats right. The cops are on to you. And should be arriving shortly to discuss why you had stolen merchandise in your store.

All you can do is 1) admit that your partners with Nicke and you had the stolen merchandise or 2) drop a dime on Nickie so he gets arrested.

Either way Markie; your screwed. You know that when they put you in a cell in the Jail with big Black Bubba, they won’t let you wear your greasy baseball cap, and Bubba is gonna rub your bald head.

And as for Nickie, well, he got a perty mouth.

<queue the banjo music from deliverance>

Mark fenced stolen merchandise from Nick. The Cuffs are coming.

Friday, December 18th, 2009

The cops are on to Nick and Mark. The problem for Nick is that eBay keeps records of EVERYTHING that he sold online. Including the pictures. So while they didn’t use Mark’s regular account, they found the account that those two idiots used for ALL of the stolen merchandise.

Did Mark and Nick think they would not get caught?

Mark and Nickie are partners. Sexual and Business. And Mark selling the stolen merchandise from the Holy Goat is going to get mark out of business even faster then the impending bankrupcy.

It’s very strange that Mark would steal from JW. I understand Nick being a ghey retard, but why would the Cruster get involved.

Both Mark and Nick will be arrested soon. This should be interesting.